The Hovawart is a dog a dog of German origin in Germany is used by both the police and civil protection in a dog utility and defense.
This is the story of Argos of a Hovawart puppy mom who left U'Chrissy to ten months, with his new mistress Elena was moving into the world of Civil Defence joining the group "Rescue Unit from Berico" " ANA Chamber of Vicenza.
Despite various difficulties and uncertainties, Elena, thanks to the support and the aid group Cinofilo Berico and his family, was able to bring a dog to become Argo useful not only at home but needed help to our neighbor.
In 2009, Argo and Helen in fact make it through the qualifying examination for the detection of missing persons on the surface, obtaining the patent ENCI to "rescue dogs" Operation Area.
A special ringrazziamento "Valley of the herd Hovawart Berici" goes to Elena Borello and his family for their support to ensure that Elena could succeed in its efforts as well as his personal success.

Baretella Enrico
Valley of the breeding of Berici.