I knew the Hovawart in November 1998 with a photo attached to a door of a seven kittens blonde next to two beautiful specimens that were parents, were on sale I was lucky because they were near where I live. I took note and the next day I went to see I fell in love immediately and decided to take a boy, then went back to see them three or four times, Dec. 24 I went to pick what I had chosen, had my son in his arms when the 'breeder Mrs. Siddi saw that I was a bit' hesitantly asked me why I was so indecisive, I explained that every time I went to see a boy I was always biting his shoes, asked me if I really was always the same with my consent took the puppy in his arm to take my son told me the other because it was he who had chosen me. Unfortunately I came from a very bad period of my life with a disease to which you say to yourself was to happen to me? Came from four operations for cancer of the esophagus, which is secluded friends for fear of something, but he added ATHOS with his playfulness with her love me always be with the close, the days and months passed the checks were for the better I began to take a few shows with excellent results and he kept smiling. In June of 2000 began to be restless and whimper when I was close, neither I nor my wife could not understand why he did so. Until Expo in San Marino began coming to my arm supporting her head and licking his chest, he repeated this until the World Expo in Milan, I inquired about the books because of his behavior, I found some hints of their sensitivity to evil, I just checked, unfortunately what I thought was reality. The tumor was redone and was operated immediately, I came home and saw me as he began to yelp of joy, waiting for me to lie on the sofa to rest his head on my chest as if to say "NOT CONCERNED THAT WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU I "because I slept in a room alone with him not to disturb people per day worked or went to school, he had the night went to call my wife because I complained of pain. We did still races with excellent results until June 2001 when he began to behave in the same way last year, lost no time and went immediately to hospital but doctors were skeptical when told that was my dog made me realize that I was evil, this time he had been right, I went home intervention and he was happy to wait. We went back to making shows to know new people, make new friendships and true from Cremona in Como from Asti Alexandria and many other friends. In the meantime and became CHAMPION SAN MARINO ITALIAN and, I got a beautiful puppy named Chrissy taken by Viviane Pavan, became Pope 'of 10 beautiful puppies (TRUE DAFNE !!!!!). Someone tell me that he loses sight of me always wants to see how a lover, and so maybe because when you as a friend ATHOS everything possible, and I say THANK YOU for giving me CHOSEN TIME AGO !!!!!! ! THANKS FOR EXIST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!